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Warehousing & Packaging

Our vast, extensive warehousing facilities give us the stamina to handle huge orders. We offer packaging of goods in different sizes and languages as requested by our clients.


Transport & Custom Services

We accompany our clients along. Our logistics team arranges the loading and transportation of every consignment. We also help clients with custom documentation procedures.

Retail & Delivery

We offer different options for distribution. We serve clients with their specific orders to their various warehouses within and outside of Europe. We journey along with your ambitions. 

About us


Rodtomat ApS is the leading company with over 7 years of experience. We specialize in importing and exporting goods: Food & Beverages, office supplies, groceries, toiletries, household, scraps & waste materials, Drinks, Animals & Livestocks, and laundry items. We are the experts in trading FMCG products of worldwide popular brands: Coca-Cola, Mars, Jacobs, Ferrero, Red Bull, Tiger, Milka, and Procter&Gamble, working with 97 countries from different continents.


Locations ADR


Pallet Locations


Loading Docks


Repackaging Workplaces



Besides distribution, we offer other services like translating product labels, labeling and even repackaging products as per your individual needs. Just recently we’ve expanded our modern warehouse to over 60.000 pallet locations to keep up with the high volume of incoming and outgoing goods we manage every day.

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Taking into account the changing market conditions and the needs of our customers, we provide a wide range of solutions in the field of logistics and warehousing. Regardless of the specific nature of the activities of current and potential business partners, we offer optimal handling of the entire logistics process, including the necessary documentation. We operate based on the principles of good logistics practice (GLP) and good hygiene practice (GHP), as one of the methods of observing hygiene in the food trade.

Personal care

We supply quality hygiene products from reputable brands. Check our offers

Alcoholic Beverages

We supply both low and high percentage alcohols. Check our offer.

Coffee & Tea

A wonderful, aromatic coffee full of energy. High-quality products.

Soft Drinks

Our offer includes mineral waters, sweetened drinks, energy drinks and isotonic drinks.


High-quality cleaning agents from reputable brands. A wide range of chemicals.

Candies & Snacks

We export various types of sweets: candies, chocolates, bars, and much more.


Innovative Repackaging & Labeling

Rodtomat is one of the leading companies in the Scandinavian and Nordic Peninsula in innovative (re)packaging, labeling, and translation solutions and delivers products and services tailored to customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on our modern warehouse and our advanced ERP system, both of which are designed to process orders quickly and efficiently. Rodtomat’s logistics solutions deliver products and services tailored to customer requirements.

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